20″ 12V DC Warm White LED Rigid Bar Waterproof IP67

20″ 12V DC Warm White LED Rigid Bar Waterproof IP67

Mix and match color spectrum, Crisp shimmer and color
Sleek, flat panel design that easily retrofits
IP67 water resistant. 12V DC
Dimmable and controllable.
Super Bright SMD 5050 LED Chips, Aluminum Bar, Easy to connect to DC jack

Product No:B00N0L574U

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It’s never been faster or easier to add light, accent and shimmer to your tank – without all that other stuff like heat and noisy fans.
Put beautiful, shimmering light right where you want it with a simple, super-efficient, connectable LED fixture designed to easily retrofit into your existing set up.
Available in multiple brilliant color spectrums, LEDENET provide the ultimate lighting solution from nano-aquariums and pico tanks.
Pick your favorite, or mix and match colors with a connectable design that allows you to run multiple strips using one 12V DC power supply (sold separately). Double your light output by snapping on a polished reflector or use our extension cable and splitters to keep things tidy.
Each LED strip is 6 watts, 12V DC anvd measures 20 Inch long * 0.7 Inch wide * 0.4 Inch high.
Excellent for saltwater and freshwater fish, planted and marine reef aquariums.
Compatible with inline LED dimmer, Simple OneTouch LED Controller, Single and Dual Ramp Timers and the Ramp Timer Pro.

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