5050 RGBW 360LEDs DC 24V Black PCB 5M LED Strips

  • Color: RGB + Cold White聽/ Warm White
  • LED Typ: SMD 5050
  • LED Quantity: 72LEDs/m
  • Voltage: 24V DC
  • Power: 12W /M
  • Strip width: 12mm
  • Non-waterproof/Waterproof IP65

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Have you ever been complained about impurity white color in your RGB strip light? Our RGBW strip light is your final answer!

RGB + W strips are an evolution of the RGB stripes. In this new model, an RGB LED and a white LED is fitted alternately, it combines the best of both worlds, the variety of colors of RGB LEDs with the purity of the monochromatic LEDs. This allows you, by mixing those colors to create pastel shades, this expands the color selection enormously. The various LED chips can be controlled separately for white light or different colors to illuminate the chosen installation location always perfect and according to the situation.
The color white, can be generated by the RGB LEDs inadequate. For this reason, RGB + W strips were designed.

LED strips can be customized.Welcome to consult.


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