M2 LED Strip Light Color Temperature Remote Controller

M2 LED Strip Light Color Temperature Remote Controller

  • This product is non-waterproof. Please avoid the sun and rain. When installed outdoors please ensure it is mounted in a water proof enclosure.
  • Small figure, multi-function. Chic, ultimate grip. To simplify, Easy To Use.
  • RF radio frequency remote control. Humanized wall bracket to mount the remote to the wall if you like.
  • Lighter, more transparent and intuitive packaging
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Compatible Remote: M1/M2/M3/M5/M6/M7
Power Input: DC12V~DC24V
Max Current Load: Max 3A*3CH
Max Output Power: 108W(12V)/216W(24V)
Gray Scale Level: Max 4096*4096*4096
Dimensions: L135*W30*H20(mm)

Working Voltage: 3V (battery)
Working Frequency: 433.92MHz
Remote Distance: 40m~50m
Dimensions: L104*W58*H9(mm)

A. RF remote is fashionable, slim, light and easy to carry while receiver is small, exquisite and easy to install.
B. RF remote with low power consumption, long distance, strong obstructions penetrating ability, independent ID interference-free and other properties.
C. 4096/road grey scale (most of them is 256 in the market), high grayscale performance is more outstanding, the light is more gentle, dynamic changing modes become more rich and colorful.
D. One receiver compatible with six different functions of the remote, that is use one receiver can experience dimming, color temperature and RGB control.
E. RF remote is simple and intuitive to use, a variety of actions at a glance, what you see is what you get.
F. Automatic sleep mode, when the touch remote unattended operation over 30s, it can automatically enter standby mode to extend battery life.

The Learning ID Method of Remote Control:
Remote control has been matched to the receiver before leave factory, if deleted accidentally, you can learn ID as follow. Learning ID: Short press ID learning button on the receiver until the running light is on, then press any key on the remote control, the running light flashes several times, activated.
Cancel ID: Long press ID learning button on the receiver for 5 seconds.
Attn: one receiver can be matched with max 10 same or different kinds remote.

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